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GYM mens 3" Wide Band Jockstrap

GYM mens 3" Wide Band Jockstrap

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Product Description

GYM Jockstraps and Athletic SupportersGYM Jockstraps and Athletic Supporters

GYM Old School JockstrapGYM Old School Jockstrap

GYM Old School Jockstrap

Available in 4 Colors

GYM Old School Jockstrap Features

Wide Waistband Featuring a full 3 inch wide waistband for comfort and support. Sturdy Leg Straps 1/2 Inch leg straps in the rear. Comfortable Pouch Pouch is 55% Nylon, 25% Rubber and 20% cotton Colors Available White, Black, Royal Blue, Heather Grey, Red, Yellow, Orange, Army Green

GYM Old School Jockstrap GYM Workout Jockstrap GYM Swim/Run Supporter

GYM 3" Old School 2.0 Jockstrap

The GYM 3" Old School jockstrap is a classic 3" wide band athletic supporter. The jockstrap is available in 6 colors: White, Black, Royal, Heather Grey, Red or Yellow. Made with a hefty 3" wide waistband and 1/2 leg straps. This is not a cup supporter (no cup pocket).

Size Chart

Small 24" before stretching, fits: 28-30" waist

Medium 27" before stretching, fits: 32-34" waist

Large 30" before stretching, fits: 36-38" waist

X-Large 33" before stretching, fits: 40-42" waist

2X 36" before stretching, fits: 44-46" waist

3X 38" before stretching, fits: 48-50" waist

4XL 40" before stretching, fits: 50-54" waist


Pouch is 55% Nylon, 25% Rubber and 20% cotton Waistband/Leg straps: 70% Polyester and 30% Rubber

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