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Budgie Boxer Briefs – Packer Underwear

Budgie Boxer Briefs – Packer Underwear

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  • Unique double horizontal door design for easy use with the EZP and EZP Junior.
  • Re-enforced crotch seam and attachment loop for use with the Joystick.
  • 95% cotton, 5% elastane blend for a soft and comfortable, no-stretch fit.
  • Available as briefs and boxer briefs.
  • Also available as swimwear.

What are the differences between the Budgie Briefs and Budgie Boxer Briefs?

  • The Joystick does work slightly better with the briefs than the boxer briefs. Due to the nature of boxer briefs being wider in the crotch, they won’t hold it in place quite as effectively. Also, remember, you can alter ANY snug-fitting underwear to be used with the Joystick, by sewing a loop into the appropriate location.
  • Whereas the briefs have a double horizontal door design, the boxer briefs have an internal horizontal door and an external vertical door with button closure.

Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference. A lot of guys prefer boxer briefs over briefs, but from a purely functional perspective, especially with the Joystick, the briefs do perform slightly better. For the EZP, I’d say both functions equally well.



  • 27-28″ x-small,
  • 29-30″ small,
  • 31-32″ medium,
  • 33-34″ large
  • 35-36″ x-large


  • 95% cotton
  • 5% elastane blend


  • Black with white trim.
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