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The Hot Rod – Harness Free FTM Penis Extension for Play

The Hot Rod – Harness Free FTM Penis Extension for Play

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Easy to clean, with no powdering required, unlike most prosthetics, you won’t require corn starch to stop this product from becoming tacky. Just wash with PH-neutral soap. A syringe is also supplied to allow you to flush out the lubrication reservoir.

Skin-safe, made from high-quality, prosthetics-grade silicone, it’s the preferred material of special effects and prosthetic manufacturers worldwide.

Is the Hot Rod right for me?


If you have not had any lower surgery, but have had at least one inch of growth from testosterone, or if you have had a meta (metoidioplasty) and are looking for a prosthetic that will allow for penetrative sex without the use of a harness.


If you are looking for a toy to have rough penetrative sex with, this is unlikely to work for you, as it will most likely come off in the heat of the moment.

Some other issues that have been reported are

Not staying on properly, due to a fleshy pubic bone, though if you have significant length, it will most likely still work for you even with a fleshy pubic bone.

Not staying on properly due to the position of testicular implants as the implants may want to push it off. (Though the majority of testers with testicular implants did not have this issue) In any case, this seemed to be able to be resolved by trimming a little off the bottom of the shaft to make room for testicles.

Being uncomfortable due to significant girth. For more than 3.5 inches of girth, it seems to become uncomfortable due to being too tight. Again, this can usually be resolved by trimming the internal rings, which loosens the grip.

Not being able to be positioned forward far enough, due to a naturally low clitoris ie it ends up sitting too far between the legs and wants to come off when walking and can’t be positioned “up the pants” when packing.

Being uncomfortable due to pulling on the labia when positioning it upwards. For the majority of people, this has not been an issue but if you can’t pull your natural anatomy forward very much, it might be.

Length: approx. 16cm or 6”
Girth: approx. 12cm or 5”


  • Without bullet vibe: approx. 100 grams or 3.5 ounces
  • With bullet vibe: approx. 130 grams or 4.5 ounces


  • High quality, skin safe, prosthetics grade silicone


  • C002 light, C004 medium or C006 dark
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