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Meta Soft Packer / Extender - MT2

Meta Soft Packer / Extender - MT2

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Our meta extension is specifically designed for people who have undergone metoidioplasty but can be worn without having had surgery.

Our new CocoNuts elastic band is available as an option. This elastic band fixed to the prosthesis is ultra-natural and comfortable support. This allows the prosthesis to follow the movements of your body. This innovation will give you the impression that the penis is part of your body.

Made from quality silicone superior and designed to be durable, flexible, and comfortable, the extension allows standing urination (if you have had surgery) and provides a natural feel.

This extension is worn loosely in underwear for a natural appearance. There is the option of using medical adhesive or a harness to hold it in place if needed.

Wearing the Coconuts elastic band or an adapted harness or wearing tight boxers to hold the prosthesis in place and provide you with optimal comfort is necessary. We suggest you check out our boxer/harness category to get one that fits your size.

Please note that slight variations may be present since each of our prostheses are handmade.

Please kindly consult the F.A.Q to know the information related to the maintenance of the prosthesis.

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