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Model D Stand-To-Pee Device

Model D Stand-To-Pee Device

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After much anticipation we are super excited to bring you the newest STP form the makers of the Number One STP. The Model D has the unique distinction that is able to be worn all day in their custom harness and has richly detailed balls! The shaft is hollow and the testicles are solid for a nice heft.

This also comes with instructions on how to make your own harness out of a pair of underpants.

The silicone means this product will last for years and is easy to keep clean (soap & water do just fine). You can also boil this for periodic sterilization if you want.

Directions for use (from the maker):

• Make full contact with upper rim
• Aim & Go
• When finished shake it out

Practice makes perfect!

Each product is made by hand so please note: slight variations in color may occur and different computer screens can display the colors differently, so the color may not match what you see here exactly. If you are white, you probably want the Light color. Many white folks order the medium and then are unhappy with the color. Please note that the color not matching your skintone is not a valid reason for return.

Also note that these are extremely popular and handmade and sometimes we run out of them before our system can update the stock level. We appreciate your understanding if you have to wait a few more days for yours to ship. We swear it is worth it.

Like all our products, all sales are final. Not all STPs work for all people and most take practice to get right. We cannot accept returns on these for any reason.

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