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Nip Suckers Pro

Nip Suckers Pro

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These fun little toys provide a nice light sucking sensation (you just squeeze the bulb and then stick 'em on your body). They are designed to be placed over nipples, but we've had fun putting them all over! These suckers are new and improved, and they stick better with more intense suction... give 'em a shot!

Elevate your sensual and erotic nipple play with the Silicone Pro Nipple Suckers. The easy to use, comfortable to wear, pliable suckers are designed to deliver intensely pleasurable sucking action, for the ultimate in nipple stimulation. The suckers are made from super soft and ultra-smooth silicone and have a wide flanged base, for superior suction action, and a rounded squeezable bulb.

To use, simply position directly on to the nipple and squeeze gently to vacuum securely in place. As soon as you squeeze the pliable bulb the intense pleasure begins. Arousal gel can be used to maximize satisfaction. Nipple play lovers will adore the increased sensitivity that the suckers create.

Use the suckers for erotic fetish play and for BDSM stimulation. The compact, easy to wear, squeezable pleasurizers are suitable for anyone. First time and experienced users can enjoy the ultimate nipple manipulation and orgasmic sensations. Before and after every use, remember to clean the suckers with a toy cleaner spray.

Set of two. To use just squeeze them, place over nipple (or wherever) and then release. To remove just pull them of or squeeze again.

2" x 2.75"

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